Thank you

This is a thank you to my husband for being so generous with his time, his money, and his kindness toward me.  Recently, my sister lost her husband – today  marks 1 month.  I visited her immediately after it happened and was able to attend his memorial but had to leave only 5 short days after.

She has 3 young kids and was devastated.  Watching her go through this terrible time long distance became too much for me to bare so I asked my husband (and work) if I could go back and offer my continued support to which he (and work) said yes.

I flew in last Monday and am able to stay for a week and 1/2 thanks to both their kindness and understanding.

Truthfully, I didn’t think work would understand and would just tell me, “no” but to my shock and awe they were nothing but supportive.  Especially my new’ish manager who said encouraging and thoughtful words to me which warmed my heart.  It never hurts to “ask” and look what happened to me.  I was amazed at her kindness and support during this extended difficult time.  I am so grateful that she listened to me and actually cared enough to let me go and spend the much needed time with my sister and her boys.

So, here I am back in New Jersey – I may not be able to help her reconstruct her kitchen (which was being made new for her late husband) but I can be an ear to lend and a strong shoulder to lean on.  I cannot deconstruct cabinets or haul off heavy appliances but I can certainly entertain her kids and take her dogs for walks.  I can listen to her try to make sense of a senseless tragedy and offer her hugs and kisses and “I love yous”.  I can sit and listen to her sort the fragments in her mind and gladly so- hoping to ease her burden in some small way.

There are hundreds of calls to make and hundreds of errands to be run- I am happily her co-pilot so she can vent her feelings and not be alone during this lonely time.  I can remind her of what’s important, who is important, and how to stay in her own lane and focus on herself and her three boys.  Nothing else matters at this point.  I can remind her how fragile life is and that she needs to take care of herself, because if mama is not ok, nobody is ok.

I can hold her hand and reassure her that she is not alone.  And even though we have to live so far apart normally – that I’ll always make her a priority and be there for her whenever I possibly can.

So, thank you again to my amazing husband for making this all possible, for me to spend time with my sister when I cannot afford to be off work and thank you to my manager – for having the biggest, kindest, most thoughtful heart and letting me be with her.

I appreciate all that you’ve done for me and love you Scott.



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