Beautiful Sunny FLA

Recently the hubs and I took our first vacation together.  We went to sunny Florida for a week and had a marvelous time.  He did get sick, however, but was able to sleep at night which didn’t keep us from enjoying our days together ~ wandering the little down of Dunedin:



that we were in or swimming in the pool for a few days.  We also visited the beach of Clearwater and it was sublime.

First we were greeted in our hotel room:

WITH a lovely and unexpected gift basket from my niece “S” and her family:


Loaded with all local things that represent FLORIDA:  Fudge, Salt Water Taffy, Beach towels, an Alligator back-scratcher, Aloe lotion, Sunscreen, A sponge and locally made soap, and more……………    What a sweet and kind gesture, really made our day to be treated so special!

We were treated to a home cooked meal in their house and we were able to meet up several times which included lots of eating out and a dolphin boat tour, and swimming at our hotel pool.  We were able to spend quality time with her husband “C” and their three beautiful children:

Not only did I meet with S & Family but was able to meet a long time (10+ years) blog friend and her boyfriend (also my friend) “B”.

Our first meeting hug was long in the making and one I will always cherish.  We got to sit and have lunch together and talk- but there wasn’t enough time to catch up on 10 years so we’ll have to do this again.  Once again, we were treated to ALL things FLORIDA from this generous couple; Pina Colada nut & fruit mix, Coconut patties, mints, a special tumbler for each Scott and I, PICKLES, Dukes Mayo, local Orange Marmalade, boiled peanuts, a beautiful bottle of white wine, a Southern Living Magazine, and much more:


Here are just a few pics of Scott and I ~ we spent many nights eating out at seafood restaurants and taking in all the beauty that surrounded us:

Lastly I was treated to a very special charm for my bracelet by my husband, the April heart for our 26th Wedding Anniversary this month.


I’m so grateful to my husband for taking me to Florida for our first vacation together.  We had such a nice time.  It was more than wonderful to be able to spend so much time with my niece “S” and her family and to “Phinally” get to meet B&T for the first time.  I’d do it all over again tomorrow if I could.  Loved our visit and cannot wait to go back some day.

Love you so much S & Family and B&T!



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