How to Make Flower Pens

Hi all,

Got my craft on tonight at work and made a lovely floral basket for my co-workers made of flower pens for them to have and keep.

What you’ll need:


Wire cutters, Green floral tape, a variety of plastic flowers, pens (good ones, Bic or Paper Mate) – caps discarded, and some time.

Push the leaves up on your flowers, cut the stem and leave about an inch 1/2.  Start wrapping your pen with the floral tape, start at the bottom (by the tip) and work your way up.  As you get to the top, wrap the top of your floral stem, come back down about 1/2 way and stop by pulling the tape off and making sure it’s secure.  Done.

This is what your pen should look like when finished:


Arrange in a basket, vase, or tin bucket:


Finished product, really brightens up the area and makes you think about SPRING:


That’s my little flower pen tutorial.  All my supplies were purchased at Walm*rt.  Hope you enjoyed.



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