Writing Challenge ~ Something I Miss

31 Day Blog Challenge:  Day 21 ~ Something I miss


First thing that comes to mind is missing my dad.  But since I’ve already written about him quite a few times and about how much I miss him, I think I’ll try to pry another answer out of this soaked sponge up there 🙂  *I miss you Dad!*

I was raised in a large family and have 11 siblings.  I have 6 sisters and 5 brothers.  I miss the days of yesteryear, when we would all gather quite often and celebrate different occasions.  As we’ve grown older, we’ve all drifted apart and see each other annually on Christmas and that’s about it unless one of us runs into the other visiting at my mom’s house.

When I was a teenager it was ALL ABOUT FAMILY.  We gathered and were in each others business, had a lot of good times and we all made it a priority.

I miss those days.

Now I understand that life has its own challenges and people are busy with their own families but we don’t even celebrate Birthday’s anymore.  My mom is older and isn’t up to partying, and everyone has to tend to their kids, home life, and work which is understandable.

I just wish I could turn back time and get that comradery back into my life.  I love and adore each and every one of my siblings and miss them, their spouses, and their children so much.

So, here’s to the next Christmas gathering 😦



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