My Anti-Bucket List

An anti-bucket list: the things you hope to never do before you die 🙂

  • I hope to never encounter an alligator or crocodile
  • I hope to never bungee jump
  • I hope to never jump out of a plane
  • I hope to never go zip-lining
  • No parasailing
  • I hope to never swim with sharks
  • I hope to never hold a big spider
  • I don’t want to eat anything gross ~ not even if I’m traveling abroad and it’s a custom
  • I do not want to hike (I’m lazy)
  • I definitely do not want to ever ever ever run a marathon

I’m sure I could think of a lot more if I put my mind to it, if you haven’t already guessed I’m not the adventurous type and I’M FINE WITH THAT.  I live a pretty basic, normal life and I’m ok and accept who and what I am.  To those who do things on their bucket list- kudos to you.  I have a daughter that has done most of what’s on my anti-bucket list and I couldn’t be more proud of her for her accomplishments.  Me, I’ll just stick to what I know for the most part 🙂

Peace Out!



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