Writing Challenge ~ What’s in my Handbag?

31 Day Blog Challenge:  Day 14 ~ What is in my handbag?

What’s not in my handbag should be the question of the day.  I’m one of those “big purse” people.  I have everything but the kitchen sink in there baby.  I think part of it is born out of working night shift because I have to be stocked-up on so many things in the even that I don’t feel well.  In my job it’s not like I can pack up and go home at 3am when I don’t feel well so I make sure to have everything on hand, I’m kinda like a walking pharmacy as far as OTC meds go.

I’ve got my cell phone, my vape, my chargers for my cell and vape, my day planner, brush and ponytail holders, make-up, chap-stick, perfume, receipts,  ear buds, nail file, hand sanitizer, tweezers, and so much more…..

What’s in your purse?  Do you carry a large purse like me or a little one?  If you do carry a little one I need to know HOW DO YOU DO THAT?  LOL!

This purse was purchased for my from my youngest son Zeek and given at Christmas.  I was so happily shocked and have been carrying it ever since.

and the messy inside:




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