Honey, I’m sick!

I was just talking with my co-worker about her husband and my husband, and how different they are when they are sick.  How different she and I are even.  For example, when her husband is sick, he wants her to be all over him cuddling him and making him better.  Serving him and giving him back-rubs ~ the whole 9.  When she is sick, she wants nothing to do with him, she only wants to be left to her own devices.

As for me and mine ~ when I’m sick I want my husband ON TOP OF ME, keeping me warm and cuddling and protecting me.  I beg him to come and lay with me.  I don’t feel good, I want him.  If he’s not around, I feel WORSE.  Now, my husband on the other hand doesn’t want anything to do with me when he’s sick and that hurts my feelings.  LOL.  I try to be there for him but he just tells me to leave him be.

How are you when you are sick?  Are you a loner or do you need someone (husband/wife/partner/friend) to be there for you?



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