Brain Dump

Brain dump. What’s on your mind right now?

OMG, I needed this post so bad.  I have a million things running through this little soaked sponge brain of mine 🙂  It’s already MARCH 1st!  Technically it’s 3/2 ~ but whose counting?  A brain dump?  Really?  Why didn’t I think of this much sooner?

Tomorrow late afternoon my DIL and granddaughter will be visiting from out of town and will stay with us the better part of a week.  I’m so excite!  They recently moved and that made my heart sad and I didn’t expect a visit within the first 2 weeks of their big move.  SCORE!  Unfortunately I will have to work, but lucky for me I work nights so I’ll be able to spend the entire mornings with them and also this coming weekend.

Ever since I had that appointment with the dentist for my root canal (which was easy peasy btw, I will council anyone who is FAH-REAKING out about having it done) I’ve been smoking.  Yes, smoking cigarettes.  I had quit for a year but the morning of my procedure last week I just couldn’t hack the mental pressure and went out and bought a pack and smoked the shit of them!  I have been jones’n for one ever since I ran out and it’s taking everything in me to NOT go buy a new pack.  OMG, please Lawrt- I do not want to start smoking again but WHY for the love of all that’s holy does it feel so good and right?

I’ve been vaping but IT’S NOT THE SAME.  I literally get a rush from smoking a cigarette.  I can feel tingling in my body and almost get a dizzy feeling- like it’s hitting me all at once, and ahhhhhh!  It feels so good.  Damnit.  Just damnit!

The weather here in the Midwest has been nutty to say the least.  A few weeks ago it hit 70 something degrees and we finally saw Mr. Sun – it was glorious.  Gave me Spring fever baby.  Now to tonight – raining/snowing and 32 degrees, too cold for this old gal.  I’m looking forward to a nice Spring but there are reports that due to such a mild winter that allergy season is going to be crazy off the hook.  Not good.  Global warming?  Me thinks so.  With all that’s going on- tornadoes in February here?  Yeah, not looking good at all.

We finally got new furniture and a ginormous area rug in our family  room.  With leather couches (4 built in recliners), coffee table, end table, and two buffet tables (one for under the television and one for the entry way).  I’m so excite!  It has been a long time coming since all the kids are grown and they beat the shit out of the old stuff growing up.  I can honestly say that it feels good to walk through the front door and see the beauty – it’s been missing.  I’ve been hollering at the hubs and my son to pick up their crap in the meantime, we finally have something nice- I don’t want them ruining a thing!  They must love me!  LOL!

I’m super excite to have my daughter come home from the Marines.  She will be home next month and be home for 23 beautiful days.  I’ve missed her so much and we have not seen her since last February due to her being deployed.  I’m anxiously awaiting for her to be back to “home”, a place where she can relax and unwind from her duties.  I’m so happy for her and the time she will have to decompress.  We love having her home ♥ – there is nothing in the world like having your baby girl home again.  She can grow up, venture off but she’ll always be our sweet baby girl.  So so so EXCITE!

I don’t have anything to complain about- yay you!  Just a lot on my mind and my worries I shall keep to myself because they are mine to manage.  I hope all is well with you.  I highly recommend a brain dump – it was fun and it just flowed from my fingertips on this keyboard tonight 🙂

Enjoy your day!



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