Why Blog?

The day you started blogging. What were you thinking?

The day I started to blog approximately 10 years ago with my original blog “JavaQueen14” (should have kept that blog, not sure why I deleted it, I was in a funk at the time I deleted) I met some amazing people that I’m still very close with to this day.

What was I thinking?  I was thinking that I had a lot on my mind and a lot of negative thoughts and things that I was going through and I wanted to share them with others.  I did not realize that people would actually “like” my posts and comment and we would become lifetime friends!  What an amazing experience it has been.  To go through something and know you are not alone.

I shared the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I had major rants and rages and the people that I have come to know as my true friends embraced me and never judged me.  What a relief and a blessing.  I’m excited to say that I’m actually going to meet two of them in person in April and cannot wait!

Blogging is a way to get the thoughts in my head out and a way to journal my life and what’s going on.  I have learned quite a few lessons the hard way and to be able to share that with others and hopefully make an impact on their life.  To help guide them so they don’t make the same mistakes – what a true blessing.

Facebook is nice, to keep in touch with people from the past and to keep family and friends updated but it’s something completely different to blog, to have a voice and to be able to splurge it all out there.  In an honest, truthful way to share your thoughts, feelings, and what you are going through at any given moment.

It’s all about sharing and not in a measured “character count” sort of way- you can let it flow and make your post as long or as short as you please.  It’s your own little place on this web and my hope is that someday when I’m no longer around, my kids and husband will be able to see what I was thinking and doing – to be able to see how much I love and cherish them.  Mine is more of a journal.

I wish mine could be more witty and funny – but that’s not so much my personality.  I have a demented sense of humor and every once and a while I have a little “zinger” of a funny that I can share but otherwise it’s pretty serious.  I wish I were more like my husband because he’s downright hilarious.

That’s why I blog, why do you blog?



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