30 Day Blog Writing Challenge: Day 29

Day 29.  List 10 people, living or dead that you would invite to dinner.  Include the dinner menu.

  • My husband
  • My father
  • My mother
  • My son David
  • My DIL Asma
  • My Daughter Lex
  • My Son Zach
  • My Granddaughter Niya
  • Billy Joel 🙂
  • Jean-Luc Ponty

The above list is basically my immediate family plus two musicians.  I love Billy Joel and always have, think he’s a major talent and his songs/lyrics are timeless works of art.  I grew up listening to him and he brings back great childhood memories.


Jean-Luc Ponty is a pioneer and undisputed master of violin in the arena of jazz and rock. He is widely regarded as an innovator who has applied his unique visionary spin that has expanded the vocabulary of modern music.  My favorite CD of his is Tchokola which was recorded in 1991; 10 tracks based on melodies and rhythms from West and Central Africa.


I don’t have a menu in my head but it would be something elegant and substantial.  It would be a looooong dinner so we could sit around and talk to two of my favorite music icons.  I’d love it if they played for me too 🙂  If that’s not asking too much.




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