Yesterday was Valentine’s Day but also my 47th Birthday.  It was a GREAT DAY.

  • LOVE from my sweet husband for the entire week.  Valentines cards, at least 10 of them (FROM HIM) with my name written differently on each card (as if I have some sort of fan club ~ *snort*).
  • Breakfast made for me by my DIL and spent with my granddaughter as well.  A massive cheese cake from The Cheesecake Factory from her and my son Dave; peanut butter and Butterfinger candy bars in the mix 🙂  Also, a gift certificate to get my nails done.
  • Sweet card and cash from the hubs and my son Zach – to put towards what I wanted to buy for myself – so thoughtful.
  • Pink roses from my friend and co-worker plus Hershey’s chocolate too.  Then last night she brought in more candy and a beautiful necklace and matching earrings to boot!  I felt so spoiled.
  • my friends/co-workers decorated my desk and also got me lovely gifts; chocolate, crackers, a gift card toward RED LOBSTER, and a little portable hand sanitizer to strap onto my purse with additional scents.
  • Cupcakes from my friend at work also- let’s not forget those little lovelies!
  • With my Birthday money this year I decided to go out and buy myself all new undergarments and socks- believe it or not, there is nothing like new socks!  I am going to pack up all the old to make room for the new and am so grateful!  That’s what I chose to spend my Birthday cash on and it worked out perfectly.  I spent nearly every last dime.  I went to The Avenue, to Costco for the socks, and to Walmart for my new nickers 🙂  TMI?  TMI!  LOLOLOLOLOL!
  • A sweet call from my daughter ~ just to remind me that she’s thinking about me and wishing me a happy day.
  • A song on my voice mail, from my friend Kate – singing me “Happy Birthday” – like she always does.  This year, another call from my mother singing on my voice mail the funniest rendition of “Happy Birthday” everrrrr.  I just pictured Mariah Carrey’s fluttering hands as she went up and down to my name, singing joyfully and making me LMAO!  Go Mama!  Made my day.
  • My dinner tonight at work is a special sandwich from a nearby Deli that I love made to order by my husband; he knows just what I like and let’s not forget the Reese’s Peanut Butter hearts.

I had such a lovely day and feel so blessed to have such a beautiful, thoughtful, loving family and friends that care so much!  Life is good.

bday2 bday1



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