30 Day Blog Writing Challenge: Day 25

Day 25.  Discuss someone that fascinates you and why?

My daughter.  She is nearly 21 and serving our country in the US Marines as an aircraft avionics technician.  She blows my mind.  She is so young and has seen and done so much already.  She was really excited about becoming a US Marine.  She had such high hopes and was so full of pride and excitement as she ventured off into her new life.  She was so young, hadn’t even graduated H.S. and was talking about joining.  She graduated early so she could join.  Funny thing, I didn’t worry about her ~ it seemed to be her destiny.  She was so sure of herself and her ability.  The US Marines made her rise to the challenge but she persevered.  They put her through the rigors and tested her physically and mentally, but she rose to that challenge and went above and beyond.

She has been promoted a few times.  She has shown excellent leadership and they are acknowledging this in her.  She is small but fierce.  She always has been since she was born.  She is beautiful inside and out.  She has a “go with the flow” attitude in this life and always gives great advice when we are talking which comes as a surprise; because her advice is so “chill” and always helpful.

She is strong.  Despite several health difficulties she pushes through her personal speed bumps.  She works out constantly, through the pain.  She has been a vegetarian since the age of 9 and I definitely accommodated her growing up.  She is passionate about animals and their treatment and well being.

She wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle so she took lessons.  She has jumped out of a helicopter into the ocean as a volunteer.  She has volunteered through the Marine Corps. on so many different occasions, even overseas.

She is a firefighter as well.  She volunteered separate and fully on her own, without the US Marines, she did this in her spare time.  She is a fully certified firefighter!!!  She is highly intelligent and that also requires her to study hard.  She works hard for everything she has received.  She not only has book smarts, she has street smarts and is great at matters of the heart.

She is honest and has great moral integrity.  She makes me proud every day and I’m so lucky to be able to call her my daughter.  I look to her with utter amazement and wonder what makes this chick tick?  She’s amazing!

She definitely someone that fascinates me.




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