I can breathe again.  I was going through a rough patch there.  Between ALL the changes that I have gone through in the past couple of weeks I was beginning to have more frequent panic attacks and such.  I’m a “no drama” person, pretty much have the same thing going on all the time, go with the flow, etc. but things were happening to myself and my family that were just out of my control.

Funny thing about things that are not in your control; I tend to get upset ~ just as everyone does out of a natural response.  But the truth is that when something is out of your control, there is nothing you can do so the best thing to do is just “BREATHE” and wait for it to pass and let it run its course.

I’ll never forget years ago CRYING hysterically to my mother about a serious “What if?” situation and she actually hollered at me and said, “ANNE!  DON’T WORRY UNTIL YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO WORRY ABOUT!!!!!!” and all of a sudden it struck me that she was saying that I was literally wasting my time sitting and worrying about the “What ifs” and if everything turned out to be o.k. then I would have wasted precious time and energy on nothing.  To sit and worry or fret about things we literally have no control over is just that, a waste of precious time and energy.

But, how do we convince ourselves of that?  LOL.  It’s pretty hard to be calm when there is a shit storm brewing all around you and it’s 5 different things coming at you from all angles to remind yourself to “not worry”.  Thank goodness I was able to talk myself through this rough patch and get back on track.  I’m at work tonight and actually have not had one panic attack today which is a welcomed change back to reality.  I was slipping into a deep depression and felt as though I was living on the edge of my seat all the time.

So, even me – who seems to have gotten her anxiety under control for the most part can have major set backs.  Just important to remember that we are all human, doing the best we can and sometimes we slip – but it’s important to keep taking my meds on time and important to implement a positive thinking process into my life enabling myself to focus on the good and not the bad.  To embrace the blessings I have instead of what has gone wrong.  It’s awesome what a powerful thing a mind can be- how we do have control over our own mind and what we feed it.  So, that old saying, “You cannot control others but you can control your response to them” is so true.  I love old sayings……




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