Hilarious Mommy Blogger

Hilarious mommy blogger takes on ‘mom guilt’ by spilling some real talk. <—-(click here)

Texan mommy blogger Melissa Radke vlogged “real-talk” about motherhood/parenting and the negative comments on her video are cRAzY if you ask me.

I thought I’d share it because I think it’s hilarious!  A frazzled mother who packs her kid an unlikely lunch which stirs up an array of comments ranging from “Right on sistah!” to petty small talk.  She’s a bright, intelligent, witty blogger who tries to make light in this crazy world we live in.

The comments are mostly negative given by those “perfect mommies” who always start out by commenting, “I’m far from perfect BUT….” and then slam into her calling her a neglectful mother, lazy, selfish, etc.

For the LOVE of all that’s holy – people need to lighten up and laugh a little.



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