30 Day Blog Writing Challenge: Day 14

Day 14.  What is your earliest memory?


I’ve done this one before so I’ll share another “early” memory that I have of my childhood.  I was 5 years old and in kindergarten.  I was in class and did not know the answer to the question that Mrs. Hamil asked me and so she pulled my hair as punishment.  I cried.  I came home and went about my business.  Never told anyone because I sorta forgot about the incident.

The next day mom had packed all of our lunches and sent us all off to school but I sneaked back home and sat on the bench on our wrap around porch.  My mom went out the front door to put out the mail and saw me sitting there and hollered at me, “WHAT are you doing home????!!!!!!” and she was so angry with me.  I told her, holding back the tears that my teacher pulled my hair and why, she was livid.  She marched me up to that school and had a conference with the principal ~ that teacher never touched me again.

What a horrible experience.





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