Pure Happiness

We’ve waited 8 long months for our daughter Lexi (a US MARINE) to return to the states from Japan.  Well, it finally happened and my hubs and her twin brother were there to greet her as she stepped off the plane.  What a pure joy to know that she is home and in approximately a month or so she will be coming “home-home” for a much needed, long visit.  I wish she understood somehow how much I’ve missed her smiling face and her company.

Must be a “shocker” to her system to return home to Eastern Time Zone compared to being 15 hours ahead of us whilst in Japan.  She will have some adjusting to do.  I believe, she is the luckiest girl in the world to have had her father and brother go drive her car to NC so she has a way to get around, but also to show her the love and support that she has.  Me, Myself, and I were not able to go on this trip due to work scheduling and I’m sad but uplifted by the thought that she will be home before I know it and I will finally have time with my sweet baby girl.

Pure Happiness, I tell ya!



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