30 Day Blog Writing Challenge: Day 4

Day 4:  Discuss your views on religion.

I know how I feel about religion; I was born and raised a Catholic Christian and practice Christianity today.  I have friends with all different denominations of religion and I believe that we all have one thing in common; belief in a higher power.  Love for our fellow-man/woman – good will toward men.  We were all raised differently and as long as the main message we are all about is love, peace, and understanding is the same; I don’t care what religion you are or what you practice.  I don’t push my religion on anyone and I wouldn’t want anyone to do that to me either.

I can say that over the years I just view “churches” as BIG BUSINESS.  It really disgusts me.  They are building churches the size of malls now with gift shops inside them  (there is one nearby my house) and it seems like people just want to be entertained and it has nothing to do with enriching ones soul or connecting to God in any way.  I refuse to go to church.  When the whole Catholic scandal broke out I was beside myself and sickened.  To think of all the boys/girls, men/women hurt by Priests makes me sick to my stomach.  Now the Catholic church is collecting money from parishioners to pay off their legal debt to society.

I’m not bashing Catholics, it just affected me in a personal way being a victim of a sexual abuse as a child myself that thew me over the edge.  Catholic priests abusing victims has been going on for years and years in the Catholic church and they would literally KNOW that a Priest was abusing and instead of eradicating the problem they would just pluck that Priest from one parish and send him to another where he could continue to molest innocent victims.   It’s almost as if the Catholic church thought it was its own “entity” and thought it was above the law.  Nothing reported to authorities, they just kept the “problem” to themselves and remedied it by moving the offending priests to different parishes around the world- where they could hurt more people.  I’ve been scarred by this and while I still respect the religion I was raised in- and still hold most of those beliefs, I will never be able to go back to a Catholic church.

I have a hard time going to any church to be honest with you.  I pray at home, I’m a hard-core believer in the Christian way.  My heart bleeds for those that were abused by Catholic priests.  I cannot imagine those innocent children, being abused by someone they were to trust, someone that they were taught to obey, and one that used God and His Word to manipulate others- it’s shameful.  It’s unforgivable.




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