Day Out

Love watching my granddaughter.  I’ve been so lucky to have been able to watch her in the mornings before preschool while mommy works.  This was a particularly busy morning.  “A” went to the Dr’s office with me; she was so good!  The Dr. gave her a little present and treatie.  Then she requested that we go out to breakfast at her favorite eatery.  She ordered chocolate chip pancakes.


Next we went to pick up my Rx’s and then I asked her if she wanted to go and get her nails done- yes, she was excited.


A little manicure in her p.j.’s because it was a lazy morning, and at 5 years old you can get away with it.


Pedicure.  She had picked out the coolest color yellow (think bumble bee yellow) and had little white flower painted on her toes – adorable!


I opted for purple nails and she picked out alternating blue and red with a flower on as well.


So, this happened 🙂  100 gel pens at COSTCO for $19.99.  Fantastic bargain considering the majority of them are glitter or metallic which is cool.


I just had to rip the package open and use the coloring book I got from my friend Ellen for Christmas.


Here is what I colored ~ coloring with the gel pens was really easier than the normal crayons or colored pencils.  I  actually enjoyed myself whereas usually I get tired of the tedious coloring of small spaces.  This was fun!



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