30 Day Blog Writing Challenge: Day 1

Day 1 ~ Discuss your current relationship:

We’ve been married for 25 beautiful years.  We’ve had our ups and downs ~ but the majority have been “ups”.  We have 3 beautiful children, a lovely daughter-in-law, and a darling granddaughter who just turned 5 years old.

We are currently living with our youngest son still at home.  He works a lot and is never home.  We all work full time.  My hubs works days and I work the night shift so we are currently like two ships passing in the night except we spend the weekend together.

I wouldn’t change one single thing about my current relationship except me having a day job so I could spend more time with my hubs.  He and I are like two peas in a pod.  We are “on the same page” and he makes me laugh my ass off daily.

We respect one another and care about each other in a way that I feel is very special.  I love him more than anything on this planet, he is my #1 and always comes first.  I’d do anything for him, and my goal is to see him happy and comfortable.  I KNOW he feels the same way about me by the way he treats me so nice.  It’s nice to have finally been together so long that we fit into a groove together that nobody could disrupt.  I’d say we are very comfortable but he always keeps me on my toes by constantly making me laugh and surprising me daily with his kindness.

Here’s the 30 day blog challenge I’m doing below, feel free to join in and send me a link so I can check out your answers 🙂




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