The Evolution of Y-O-U

evolve [ih-volv]:

  • any process of formation or growth; development
  • a process of gradual, peaceful, progressive change or development, as in social or economic structure or institutions.
  • to develop gradually
  • to come forth gradually into being; develop; undergo evolution
  • to gradually change one’s opinions or beliefs

Life throws us a bunch of learning lessons.  “Life Lessons” or as I once heard a woman refer to them as, “Life Blessons” which I thought was super cool.  They start happening at a young age.

ALL of our ancestors went through this crazy thing called life and learned some rather harsh life lessons but they are something that generally cannot be “handed down” to most people which is normal.  People often seek good advice but wont learn from it (even though it’s solid, tested, and true) because they have to learn it for themselves.

Some life lessons are small and you can easily recover from, hopefully learning a lesson from it and moving on.  Others can set you aback, be hard to recover from and you can feel “bruised” from the experience and maybe even a little bitter or broken.  It may take a while to seize a lesson from it but if you are a person who has the ability to EVOLVE, then you eventually will learn from it.

I think life lessons and the ability to evolve from them are the siren in our souls, the red flags in life, the alarm bells and whistles of our consciousnesses.  I think they are our guttural reaction which is overlooked and tested.

I’m 46 years young (LOL) and feel as though I’ve had more than my own fair share of life lessons but the good thing about it is that I have evolved and grown from these little life tests.  You can become bitter thinking that the world is out to get you -or- you can realize that you did not trust your gut instinct or the possibility that things would not go your way – put the blame where it belongs; on yourself.  It’s a hard knock to take, but facing the truth forces us to grow and learn to trust others sage advice as we grow older and to trust our own gut allowing us to evolve into a higher being.

Have you ever heard the saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”?  My mom use to say this to us when we were growing up.  I knew what it meant- don’t invest in ONE thing or person because if you lose that thing or person then you are left with nothing.

put all one’s eggs in one basket

Fig. to make everything dependent on only one thing; to place all one’s resources in one place, account, etc. (If the basket is dropped, all is lost.) Don’t invest all your money in one company. Never put all your eggs in one basket. I advise you to diversify and not to put all your eggs in one basket.
This is an example of a hard life lesson; when you invest in someone or something solely and that world comes crashing down and you are left alone or with nothing- when you evolve from that massive destruction, you realize that you must distribute your “eggs” in life in a more diversified manner.  Spreading them out in a gorgeous string where you are not dependent on one thing or person to bring you happiness or depend upon.
But lets just say you did put all your eggs into one basket; whether it be another individual that burned you or an investment that went belly up and you were left with nothing.  That’s where the evolution should begin my dear friend.  Next time you will not put all of your eggs into one basket; but rather spreading them around expanding your options and blessings in this life.  If you can take a life lesson and evolve and grow from it, then you are doing just fine.
There have been times when I’ve been so frustrated and even angry that I had to learn a life lesson the hard way and asked God, “Why did I have to learn that the hard way?!!!!” and he answered me by instilling a growth in my soul that would eventually set me free.  Free from fear, from doubt, from anxiety, from the hurt and the pain and as a way to protect myself the next time this same scenario presented itself to me.  I knew how to navigate it.
Evolving on a personal level is so awesome.  You learn who you are and what you are made of.  You learn that one way didn’t work out so well and you try a different approach the next time and bingo!  It worked and you are happy with the results.  You learn how you need to be treated in this life and you learn how to treat others with respect.  You learn that you are a a piece of fine art in the works – every little detail put exactly where it belongs to be to knit together a masterpiece.
Remember that everyone goes through some pretty harsh life lessons as I am sure you have too.  Please do not let them make you stubborn or bitter, unhappy or angry in the end ~ let them be your lighthouse to a better you.  Let them show you the way to take the right path to make positive changes in your life and to evolve into the beautiful person that you are.
Update: 12/26/16 ~ I’d just like to say that I’m deeply sorry for all the life lessons that other people had to learn the hard way because of me; and my thoughtless, selfish actions.  Looking back on this post made me realize that I’ve done my share of damage to others and for that, I’m just so very sorry 😦

2 thoughts on “The Evolution of Y-O-U

  1. Very inspiring. It’s true that we should not focus on just one thing or put our energy on someone or something. We have to give time and attention to different areas.

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