I’ve been very busy lately…

I consider it a huge privilege to be asked to watch my granddaughter in the mornings Mon-Weds now from 7a-11:30a.  I cannot express how much I adore spending the extra time with her one on one.  We have been having a ball together.  For a 5 year old girl, you can really have a full blown conversation with her.  She’s much “older” than her age and we talk about things that I cannot even believe she is interested in.  Her memory is like a steel trap.  She can recite words and definitions that I taught her long ago.


A big part of our spending time together is always centered around arts and crafts; drawing and creating things.  Here she is painting an owl piggy band and she truly enjoyed the process.


I haven’t been writing very often lately because I’ve been getting ready for Christmas.  My granddaughter’s 5th Birthday was on the 16th (and my husband’s was on the 18th) as well so we’ve been busy as a family.  Today I went over to her house and put together the art table that the hub’s and I bought her for her Birthday present.


I actually assembled it myself- electric screw driver and all, LOL!  I had such a feeling of accomplishment when all was said and done.


Little does she know that Papa and I purchased her a bunch of art supplies for her new desk for Christmas; Glitter Pens, Markers, Paints, Paint Brushes, and a professional grade sketch pad ~ a place for her to keep all of her works of art.  I’m so excited for her.

I come from a LARGE family and we celebrate Christmas every year at my sister’s house.  This year was a blast- the best part is the gift exchange game.  Here I am pictured with my mother (87 years young).


Here I am pictured with my 2 sisters and my mother:


This year was snowing and cold so I picked up my mom and also drove her home.  None of my immediate family came to the party as my husband was ill and my 2 sons were working.  My daughter was also working so I was solo but I still enjoyed myself immensely.

The food was great (as always) and my sister and her husband were excellent hosts.  The gift exchange was wild and this year I wound up with a hat that says, “CATS MAKE AMERICA GREAT!” and a really awesome Starbucks Christmas cups and coffee/hot cocoa set.  Oh how we laugh at the gift exchange because some of the gifts that family brings are outrageous.  And, the more outrageous the gift, the more folks want to get their hands on it so there is a lot of “stealing” and so forth in this gift exchange game.



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