Random Jam #389

Today was kind of a rough day for me.  I made an appt for my Bella to get groomed at 11:30a and they still had her at 4p due to having a large dog that was “difficult” to groom.  I thought it would only take 2 hours tops, but I was wrong.  This completely messed up my sleeping schedule (I work nights).

Well, I finally got my little girl back and she looked adorable.  Cozmo is a short haired Dachshund and EASY to groom,  just gave him a bath and he’s wash and dry with a towel.


They are all sweet and clean; it’s a chore but someone’s gotta do it 🙂

Then, the doorbell rang and since I was up (usually I’d be sleeping) my son got a package and I said, “Oh, what did you get?” and he said kindly, “It’s none of your concern”.  My interested peaked!  I said “Oooooh, what is it???” and he stated, “Don’t worry about it!” and I said, “Ooooh, is it my Christmas present???”  He said, “Maybe?” and I said, “Oh please can I have it early?”  He said, “Yes, but don’t get cranky on Christmas when you don’t get another present”.


Low and behold it’s the purse I’ve been wanting for well over a year.  It is huge and has so many pockets and even an inner zipper pocket.  Squeeeeee!  Yay for me!  Early Christmas!

Then I talked to my sister PJ who is doing much better which made my day.  I worry about her well being and when she is up, I am up- when she is down, I worry.  So, today was a great day for sisters ♥

I’ve still been thinking a lot about my friend Judy that passed away last week.  She’s been weighing heavily on my mind.  She was an owl fanatic – had the largest collection of owls I’ve ever seen and each one is lovelier than the next.  Today my co-worker took a picture of one of the many floral center pieces at work here and wouldn’t you know- there was an owl tucked in there.  I feel like it was Judy’s way of saying “Hello”.


What an amazing gift and I believe wholeheartedly it was a message.  She worked at this facility for many many years and this was just her way of checking in with us.  God bless her and rest her beautiful soul.  I love and miss you Judy!



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