Back in the Hospital Again

Well, I had a good run. I managed to stay out of the hospital for 7 whole months! I know that it might not seem like much, but that is a really big accomplishment for me. 

This Crohn’s flare was most likely caused by multiple things coming together to create the perfect shit storm (pun intended). Right before Thanksgiving I was sick with a sinus infection, bronchitis, and sciatica. Due to my active infection, my doctor told me to hold off on my dose of Humira. 

I way overdid it cooking for Thanksgiving. I wasn’t felling well, and I pushed myself to do too much. Then, I got a 2nd degree burn on Thanksgiving. Once again my doctor told me to hold off on my Humira injection – this time because of the burn.

I’ve also been really stressed out lately. With all that has been going on in my life, I didn’t make self care a priority. Looking back, I definitely should have taken the time to take care of myself.

After having bloody diarrhea (sorry if it’s TMI, but it’s my reality living with Crohn’s disease) and vomiting all weekend, I finally broke down and came to the ER this morning. Although being here really sucks, they are managing my pain and nausea. My GI team will be in to see me in the morning, and we’ll come up with a care plan. 

Hopefully I’m only going to be here for a night or two. I have family coming to visit this weekend, and it would really sucks I’d I wasn’t home. Although, if I do go home, I’ll be taking it easy. As much as I would love to cook and bake for my family, I need to take care of myself.


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