Saturday Clean-Up Crew

On Saturday, some members of my family joined forces (LOL) and went to my mother’s house (she just celebrated her 87th Birthday) and did some in-side and out-side clean up to help her out.

It was bitter cold out but we had such a great time together.  We all love our mother so much and it was a joy and a pleasure to be able to help out.  We started with the dishes, gutted and cleared out the entire garage, did outside yard work (raking, removing debris, pulling out old plants), then I gutted and cleaned her refrigerator.  We removed every piece of furniture from her front room and dusted and washed the floors, then replaced her old carpet with a new one and put everything back.  Windows were washed and curtains were cleaned.  Windows were sealed up for the winter.  My brothers and sisters also moved everything off the back deck and winterized it.  She was overjoyed.  She really appreciated and was touched by our outpouring of love!  I’m so happy it was such a productive week.



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