Journaling Day 25: A Picture of something new.

Day 25.  A picture of something new.

Ok, so I love purse’s.  I have quite a few (*a-hem) but lately I’ve been trying to carry around smaller bags because my right shoulder and neck have pain.  My very good work friends laugh at me saying that the purse’s that I carry are JUST TOO BIG.  That my purse’s are more like luggage- LOL.  Here they are.


They each carry little tiny purses and it was a mystery to me how they did it.  How did they ever manage to get everything they needed into those little bags?  Well, they showed me what they had in there and I thought I’d be brave enough to give it a try and guess what?  I’ve been carrying a small bag for over a month now and I love it.  I may not have everything and the kitchen sink in there but I love how light it is and how easy it is to find what I’m looking for in there.  Here is a picture of a new purse my husband and I picked out tonight after dinner:


It’s purple 🙂  and comes with a little ape in purple that sucks his thumb- it’s a brand thing I guess.  Very cute.  With a tiny blue wallet just big enough for my credit cards and a few bucks in cash.  I’m really happy at how light it is once fully loaded with my belongings.  Tonight was a great night.  OH, I also straightened out my hair for the first time and it came out looking pretty ok.


My hair is finally growing out.  I went through a wild spark and got it cut SHORT, as in shaved up the back and spikey on top.  MY husband didn’t like it at all and to be honest, I didn’t either.  I like my hair longer and it’s finally getting there.  So, that’s something new too 🙂

Have a loverly evening!





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