What makes your heart, mind, & soul happy?

Here’s a little list I have complied of things that make me happy:


The sound of thunder

Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies

A good hug from someone near and dear

The smell of a good candle

An “I love you” from a family member or friend

A great show that’s been recorded and ready to be watched

The smell of lilac’s

When it’s time to leave work for the day

Holding a newborn baby in my arms and simply adoring

Lying in bed after a long night’s work knowing I don’t have to get up for 8+ hours

My sweet dogs; the love they give me

A great compilation of music playing in my car and I’m jam’n out

A song’s lyrics that touches my heart and soul

Sun shining on my face, looking upward with my eyes closed ~ that feeling

When the leaves turn color in the autumn

When a new season of one of my favorite shows is just about to begin

A brand new toothbrush – ahhh!   Feels so good

Praying and knowing my prayers are being heard and sent up

Talking to my deceased father and telling him that I love and miss him

My husband’s jokes that always make me laugh

Taking a road trip, anywhere ~ the open road and some good tunes

Smoking, I admit it- I quit (and vape now) but I miss smoking

Chewing ice cubes, drives others crazy but I love to chew me some ice

When I wake up my husband makes me coffee and I love that first cup of goodness

Pickles – preferably dill

Seeing other people happy

Giving someone something that they needed badly but couldn’t get/afford – the smiles

Visiting a long lost friend/relative

Going on a vacation – road trip!

The smell of burning leaves in the autumn

Grilling out

A good glass of wine, that little warm feeling you get in your chest

A bonfire with close friends/family

On fb, when you have 50+ comments on one post and they are hysterical

Good boots, preferably cowboy boots on myself or a man/woman

When I let go of negativity

When I straighten out a misunderstanding

Finding cash in an old wallet

Hot cocoa with marshmallows on a cold snowy day

Building a snowman with the kids

Being at the beach * my favorite *

Watching the Chicago Cubs win the World Series in 2016


My Granddaughter Aniya

My 4 kids; David, Alexis, Zachary, and Asma

My mother; spending time with her

Reading a good book

Curled up on the couch watching an excellent movie

My electric blanket

When someone apologizes for hurting me



Movies that make me cry

Feel good movies

Collecting autumn leaves

Doing a good night’s work (I work overnights)

Cooking something amazing for my family

Having my family LOVE what I cook

The way things look after I’ve cleaned

Being organized every once and a while J


Having something on my mind and being able to turn it into a blog post

Doing something nice for someone just to lift their spirits

Driving a fast car

Driving a new car

That new car smell

Getting a new CD or Music download that I can jam to

Going over to my brother Tom and his wife Sue’s house for no reason

Joking around with my husband

When my 3 boys are laughing wildly at something

The feeling of accomplishment

Creating art

Drawing something that turns out really cool

Knitting a scarf and finishing it

Making things pretty



Having my health

Having great friends and family

No drama

Springtime, when everything is budding and blooming

Raking leaves

Looking at a winter wonder land (everything covered in fresh powdered snow)

Having something work the way it’s supposed to (the first time)

Having a good job

My cell phone (I admit it)

Dachshunds, the breed itself


Collecting owls

Visiting an old friend

Writing letters/emails – not “forwards” but actual letters

Receiving an email or letter

Christmas cards in the mail

Christmas carols

Christmas music

Christmas traditions

Thanksgiving dinner gathered with family

Getting ready to go out and looking good

Getting my nails done – I love fake acrylic nails done in bold colors

Getting a pedicure – ahhh, so relaxing and my toes look so cute when they are done

The sun rising in the morning

The sun setting

The moon – especially when it looks like it came straight out of a children’s story book, it has that neat mustard yellow color and seems bigger than life.

When an oak tree turns color in autumn

Bright red/orange leaves on trees – I pick them off the ground and bring them inside

Giving a baby a bath, that sweet amazing smell

Talking to a baby; listening to him/her coo



Calling a friend and talking for hours and laughing about a lot of different things

Having the blog friends that I have on a fb private page where I can spill my guts

Seeing my husband happy

My electric throw at work

Having someone take the time to read my blog and actually comment too

Following protocol at work and having a procedure go down without a hitch

Leaving the same time for work every night and being early, able to get set up before work actually starts

Working with fun people that are team work oriented

Rolling eyes with someone and knowing exactly what the other is thinking

Inside jokes

Monster energy drink mixed with ice and water – I can make one can last all night long

The fact that two of my kids are in the military; one retired and one active duty

That the Presidential Election 2016 is over and hopefully now we will see some positive change

Neat handwriting

My wedding rings and my 25th wedding anniversary ring from my husband

Gray t-shirts (with writing on them or not)

Black shirts

Black jeans

My black gym shoes

Brushing my teeth

Washing my face

Clean bed sheets

Clean and groomed puppy dogs

After I’ve grocery shopped and put it all away

Getting text messages

Giving my dog’s doggie treats

Riding my bike

Going for a walk with a good friend

The smell of rain


Thunderstorms when I’m in bed

When it’s snowing outside

Being woken up by a massive thunder storm

Listening to rain



Having a great alcoholic beverage with a cigarette

Seeing the people I love happy



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