Life is a mystery, a beautiful mystery


Tonight after work, I walked feeling fascinated by the earth. Looking up at the sky (*as usual) the cloud cover was heavy, charcoal colored, and moving quickly about but you could still see a powder blue sky tucked above it. It looked amazing and I wished I had my camera with me. In the distance a pitch black tree line, and just above it a beautifully lit horizon in a salmon color (a color which I’m not usually fond of) but it was beautiful. The tree’s were swirling, it was cold and as I breathed in and out I just wondered to myself…. ALL of this, the sky, the air, the tree’s, the grass, cars rolling by, and we exist! We talk to each other, we communicate, we interact, it’s all just a marvelous mystery. Life, so crazy that you and I are walking this planet as it’s rotating on its axis. And even though I’m miserable and insufferable at times it occurs to me that it could all end abruptly – and I get a sad feeling inside. Life is beautiful despite whatever bumps in the road I face. Just thinking out-loud. ~Annebella


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