reblogged: Step Back From The Ledge

I read a blog post at “In One Man’s Opinion” entitled “Step Back From The Ledge” that really hit me hard, in a good way.

This election wasn’t about him, it was about not electing her for those who voted Red. It was about standing up to the status quo that has failed our country for decades. This was about change, not about hate…really? Since when does one person get to dictate your lives? If that was he case, why aren’t things better in the last 8 years? Or the 8 before that? Or the 8 before that? We have 3 branches of government with checks and balances… each side gets a say and a voice… that’s why everyone should pay equal attention to your legislatures as you do the POTUS every 4 years… let’s not forget state rights?!???

I thought it was really well written and brought me some peace.  Thank you for your writing.




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