Write a self-portrait.

I’m a 46 year old mother of 4 beautiful children and a granddaughter.  I’m a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a daughter-n-law, a mother-in-law, a friend, and a strong woman.

I have blonde thinning hair that is naturally curly.  I have a large forehead, lots of earned wrinkles, and a big smile.  I have blue eyes and fair skin.  I’m heavy set.  I can be found dressed in t-shirt and jeans 99% of the time.  I love the idea of high heels and cute shoes but am just not up for the challenge anymore.

I am generally a happy and contented person.  I don’t compare myself to anyone else.  I don’t look down on anyone else- I treat everyone the same regardless of their religion, their faith, their sexual orientation, the color of their skin.  I am glad we are all so diverse.  I love to learn new things from people.  I stray from the drama these days- I’ve learned my lesson well and it has served me to stay in my own lane.  I have apologized to those that I have hurt and pray for forgiveness.


I believe in God, one Father ~ the Holy Trinity.  I was raised Catholic Christian but consider myself to be a strong Christian.  I know I am full of imperfections but all I can try to do is be better every single day.  I am constantly absorbing, learning, and evolving for the better.  I work hard to get better every single day and I feel like I have a purpose.

I am a nature lover, in awe of beautiful trees and birds.  I love being outdoors.  I LOVE my job that I do.  I help people in the medical field and am always happy to come to work.  I enjoy the connections that I make and the people that I am able to assist.  I enjoy working with others and appreciate all the friendships that I have made.

I have a core group of close friends that I keep close to my heart.  They are a special breed and they know who they are and how much I love them with all that I have.  Scott, Asma, Lexi, Kate, Dawne, Alyce, Corinne, Ellen, Trisha, Heather, Lisa, Joan, Cally, Chrissie, Kristy, Sue, and there are just a handful more that are like sisters to me.  I will cherish these friendships until the day I die.

I think we, as women should band together to raise one another up instead of tearing each other down. I want to see those around me succeed and get ahead.  I want to see my family and friends, and co-workers happy and thriving.

I am a creative.  I love to draw.  In particular birds, and even my interpretation of a song that I love the lyrics to.  I love to cook and love to craft when I have the time, it is something I enjoy.  I love my dogs; two dachshunds and consider them my family.  I would do anything for them and treat them with nothing but love and cherish their sweet hearts.

I love to listen to music and am drawn to the lyrics.  If a song has lyrics that touch me, look out because I will be jam’n out to that one.  I love the sound of the cello, I love all different types of music and cannot be tied to just one genre.

I always was a “slow learner” but at least I had the ability to evolve and change over the years.  I’m much more chill these days and just go with the flow.  I’ve been through a lot in my life and feel as though God has always been my guardian, my Savior.  He looks out for me in ways that only I can understand but it’s real and tangible.  I thank him daily for taking care of my family and myself.  There are so many times that things could have gone horribly wrong for me but Jesus stepped in and guided me in the right direction.  He made my husband just for me.  I have that tattooed on my back.  “Scott ~ God made you just for me” and I mean that with all my heart because without Scott I wouldn’t be quite the person I am today.  Thank you Jesus for the biggest blessing of all.



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