Five symbols or objects that represent you.

Choose five symbols or objects that represent you. Why did you choose these things?

  1. ♥ A heart because I’m so filled with love and joy.  I’m so in love with my family and blessed beyond words to have such special people in my life.
  2. ☼ The sun.  Because I choose to bring light and love into people’s lives.  I want to make others happy and see them be genuinely happy.  I get invested when someone else is suffering and if I can bring a little sunshine into their lives then it’s worth its weight in gold.
  3. cross A believer.  A person of faith.  A Christian.  Someone that believes in the power of prayer.
  4. ≈ Waves.  Because I like to go with the flow.  I like having peace and harmony in my life.
  5. peace Peace.  I choose peace as a symbol for me because I think it’s so important in a person’s life.  I need it in mine to function – I don’t want anything to disrupt the flow of goodness I have going.



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