Journaling Day 16: Taking up space

Day 16.  Something you have too much of and it’s taking up space.

I have too much of everything and it’s wasteful.  I am surrounded by crap.  I want to purge it all and just as soon as I find the time I’m going to just dump it all and take it over to the Good Will.  I have clothes that are too small clogging up my closet, I have a storage closet FULL of stuff that we have kept for 25 years and the majority of it needs to go.  One day we are just going to have to set aside and start bringing it up from the basement.

My wish is to live more simply and not be surrounded by clutter and things that serve no purpose in our lives.  I am SO overwhelmed by the “stuff” we have accumulated over the years and have not been able to let go of.  It’s time.  It’s our time to simplify.  I’m looking forward to the process.



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