“I’ll never forget…”

List six true sentences that begin with the words “I’ll never forget…”

  1. I’ll never forget my dad’s hands.  As he lay there dying of a massive stroke in his hospital bed, I just held his hands and stared at them for a long time trying to soak them in so I would never forget them.  It’s been over 10 years since he’s been gone and they are still ingrained in my mind.  I’m so grateful for this gift.
  2. I’ll never forget watching the news when the first airplane drove into the first Twin Tower on 9-11.  I recall worrying about our Uncle Andy (a NYC firefighter) but also knowing that he didn’t work in that area and that hopefully he was ok.  He did work in that exact area as it turned out and was one of the first rescuers up in the 1st tower and lost his life along with thousands of others that fateful day.  Watching as the 2nd plane invaded the 2nd tower and knowing this was terrorism – feeling so sick and helpless.  Calling our Aunt to find out if she had heard anything from Andy yet but no, she hadn’t and our hearts broke.  Broke for all involved.  I pray about this a lot still.
  3. I’ll never forget saying “I do” to my husband 25 years ago at a small Justice of the Peace ceremony.  I was giggling because I was nervous and he had the most serious look on his face that I’ve ever seen which made me even more nervous.  I’ll never forget his face.  His beautiful, loving, SERIOUS, face.
  4. I’ll never forget bringing my babies home from the hospital for the first time.  All 3 of them (one singleton and twins) and that feeling of relief of just being home and having these little sweet angels all to ourselves.
  5. I will never forget when my granddaughter was born.  Such unimaginable anticipation and then she was here.  Like a little miracle.  I wasn’t able to see her birth or be in the same state either but I’ll never forget the feeling of pride that filled us as a family just beginning to grow.  She has been an absolute blessing.  I love my Aniya with all my heart and soul.
  6. I’ll never forget when my son went into the United  States Air Force and when my daughter joined the United States Marine Corps.  When they were sworn in and graduated boot camp.  Now looking at them we are so proud that we have kids who are selfless enough to serve this great country.



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