She sits alone….

…She didn’t know what to do?  Who was this person she thought she knew all her life?  He was a stranger to her now.  She sits alone, crying, shoulders shaking.  How could he do this to her?  What would she tell the kids?  How was she going to handle being a single parent?  How was she going to keep up the house duties inside and out?

How could he lie to her for all these years.  She sits alone, crying, shoulders shaking.  Her whole life feels like it was a lie.  All for naught.  This beautiful woman, this breathtaking, life-giving, soulful, loving, caring, unconditional loving woman would now have to search for answers.  Of course the most obvious to her is, “Why me?  What did I do to deserve this?  This is my fault”.

The bills, the bills will keep pouring in, life will just go on but she feels so dead and empty inside.  Why doesn’t the world just stop so she can catch her breath?  Give her just 10 god damn minutes to grab a hold of something sturdy and familiar so she can begin to wrap her mind around what has happened.  The grass is overgrown, the garden needs to be taken down, the pool needs to be winterized, the car needs the oil changed and needs to be maintained.

Who was this man that could lie in a heartbeat and burn someone elses world to the ground in 1 second?  He threw it all away in the wink of an eye.  He wanted his cake and he wanted to eat it to but it does not work that way.  He has now been shut out and for good.  There will be no getting back in this time.  She has had enough.  He’s trying to slither his way back in crying the “poor me” card, I’m all alone and don’t have anyone.  Shouldn’t he have thought about this before he burned the bridge to hell and back?

What will life be like alone for the first time she wonders to herself, sitting alone crying, shoulders shaking.  Thinking on everything she did for her made her feel overcome all of a sudden and the cries turned into sobs.  Sobs of anger.  She loved him, she cooked him his meals, she tended to his every need.  She was trustworthy.  She never lied.  Most importantly she served as a great role model for her 3 growing daughters and spent the majority of her time cultivating them; encouraging them, empowering them, showing them how to find their self-esteem and love themselves and others.  Now she was faced with someone that would put her teachings to the ultimate test.

Please pray for her that she figures out that she is better off, that she can do this on her own, that she does have self-worth, that this has nothing to do with her.  Lord give her the self-confidence to pick herself up by the bootstraps.  Lord help her to know that she can go on and start over, it’s never too late.  Let her know that she has friends and family that love her to the moon and back and that they would do anything for her that they possibly could.  She is unique, selfless, talented, creative, a beautiful and loving organized homemaker, mother, she is encouraging to others, beautiful on the inside and outside, a phenomenal cook, major party thrower, party goer, social butterfly, sweet spirited woman and he just got caught making the biggest mistake of his life.  Their lives will never be the same, but hers will get better- in time.  I ask this in your name Lord Jesus.



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