Writing Challenge – Day 7 – What Tattoos You Have and if They Have Meaning

– Written by Kate


I don’t have any tattoos.  Over the years, I’ve considered the thought of a tattoo, but it just really isn’t my style.  However, if I were to ever get a tattoo, I’m pretty sure that I would get something to symbolize my fight with Crohn’s disease. I like the picture above, but I would want an open book with “I’m the hero in this story” on one side, and a small purple ribbon on the other side.  I would probably want this on my foot, or somewhere else where it could be easily covered up.

Long before the semicolon tattoo was popular among the mental health community, it was a popular tattoo choice for the IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) community.  Many of us have had bowel resections, and we are left with a partial colon.  I had my resection in 2010.  I like the idea of getting “Warrior” on my foot in purple ink.  The “A” would be a purple ribbon, and the “I” would be a semicolon.

I doubt that I will ever get a tattoo.  I don’t have a strong desire for one, although I have seen many that are beautifully done.


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