Writing Challenge – Day 6 – Someone You Admire and Why

– Written by Kate



I have always admired my late mother-in-law.  She passed away unexpectedly 3 years ago, and she has been terribly missed ever since.  You see, Helen wasn’t just my mother-in-law, she saw my friend.  She accepted me as one of her own children, and she was always there with her loving words of encouragement.

Helen was a mother to far too many to count.  She had her own 4 boys, but she raised her sister’s kids on and off throughout the years.  She also was another mom to several of my husband’s friends.  She was incredibly sweet, caring, and kind.

I remember what my mother-in-law said to me the first time that I met her.  My husband and I had been dating for a few months, and we went on vacation with his family.  Yes, I met them all at once while we were on vacation with them (but that’s a story for another time).  Helen gave me a big hug, and said, “All I ask is that you make my son and grandson happy.”  I was immediately accepted as family, and she always treated me as such.

Over the years, I enjoyed spending time with Helen.  She was usually my euchre partner when we would have our family euchre tournaments.  She was also my drinking buddy on several different occasions.  We both loved amaretto, and there were many nights when we would stay up talking and drinking (although I had to mix my amaretto with orange juice).

I was always amazed at how Helen did everything that she did.  She was a devoted Christian, a wife, a mother to many, a loving grandmother, a friend to all (seriously though, she made friends everywhere she went), a gifted artist (she drew, painted, crafted, and did stained glass work), and a wealth of knowledge and funny sayings.  She was truly a blessing in my life, and I consider myself lucky to have had such an amazing mother-in-law.



2 thoughts on “Writing Challenge – Day 6 – Someone You Admire and Why

  1. Kate, this is a beautiful tribute – I’m so glad you had her in your lives. She is shining down on you all and I’m sure she’s happy as can be that you and Mike are so happy together ♥ God bless her and rest her beautiful soul ~Annebella

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