30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 3 – My First Kiss and My First Love

– Written by Kate

Looking back at my first kiss, I realized that it was scandalous.  I was 13 years old, and I was “dating” someone.  Really though, what does dating mean at 13?  It’s not like we could really go anywhere by ourselves.  Anyway, my boyfriend was out of town for a few weeks at camp.  I had been spending a lot of time with my boyfriend’s best friend, Josh.  Josh and I became good friends, and when my boyfriend went to camp, it was nice to have someone to hang out with.  Since Josh and I were spending so much time together, we developed feelings for each other.  I ended up kissing Josh (and more than once) while my boyfriend was away at camp.  To make matters worse, I ended up being the catalyst that dissolved the friendship between my boyfriend and Josh.  After that summer, they never spoke again.

I consider my husband to be my first love.  I thought that I was in love in the relationship prior to my husband, but looking back on it now I realize that I didn’t love that guy.  I loved the idea of him, but I didn’t love him.  When I met my husband I instantly knew that he was “the one.”  It was terrifying!  I was so young, and I had no idea if/how it was going to work out.  My husband and I don’t make sense on paper, and we definitely didn’t make sense when we first met.  Yet, everything worked out.  Here we are 13 1/2 years later, and he’s still the love of my life!


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