Writing Challenge ~ Day 22: “I’ve Always Wondered”

Day 22.  I’ve always wondered.

I have always wondered how some people can be so self-absorbed, self-centered, and selfish?  People that it’s impossible to have a conversation with because they are too busy talking about themselves or their problems.  You cannot even get a word in edgewise and the truth is, you don’t want to because you know they aren’t listening or even care for that matter.

It’s hard when they call you on the phone and go on-and-on about their life, their situations, their struggles, their joys, their lives and the only reason they call is to hear the sound of their own voice.  This is perplexing to me and I’ve always wondered how these people do not see out of their own little bubble that EVERYONE HAS A STORY to share.

They are so wrapped up in themselves that they cannot see past their own selves.  I’m having this issue right now as I type and I just cannot believe that every time I go to talk this person literally talks over me and goes on with another one of her stories.

I have a life.  I have day to day events that excite or bum me out.  I have 4 beautiful children and a lovely granddaughter – I have a story to tell and words that deserve to be heard also.  I hope this person wakes up and realizes that you can learn so much from zipping your lip listening vs. running your mouth.  Take the time to care about someone else for a change.  Ask them how their kids are, how is their husband, what’s new and exciting, what have you been up to?  How are you feeling lately?  You can gain so much more by being quiet sometimes and just listening.  ALSO, people do not need a problem solver for their issues, sometimes they just need a shoulder to lean on and someone to listen.  People can figure out and handle their own shit.




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