Writing Challenge ~ Day 19: What does God look like?

Day 19:  When you picture God, what does he look like?

I picture Him in a tan long garb with a belt and sandals on.  I picture Him with long hair and a beard and a face of peace and love that only He alone could have.  I picture the place where I will fall into his arms- his arms will be open wide.  I envision a paradise where there is no pain and no anguish, no worry or anxiety.  A home that He has created for the masses.  He’s thin but mighty and the most powerful being.  He is magic.  He is wonderment.  He is everything good and Heaven is a haven.

He IS love ♥, and forgiveness, he is strong and all He ever asks is that we believe in Him and pray, read his scripture ~ and try to behave more like he does.  He is beautiful and simply a place of peace and love.

I imagine he knows me down to the number of hairs on my head and he has heard my prayers over the years.  He has always looked out for me.  I know he understands what I’ve been through and when it’s my time He’ll call me home.





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