Troubled Waters…..

I have so much on my mind, just sitting there lurking in the dark corners.  I have to say that I don’t have anything to complain about but a few people that are very close to me are going through difficult and trying times.  They share their stories with me, they entrust me and I want to be there for them.  At the same time, I am an emotional thinker and it pulls at my heart strings and makes me worry.


I’ve been having muscle spasms in my neck for the past month and have been to the Dr.  I’ve been given pain meds and muscle relaxer but the pain is still here with me and I think a lot of it is that I carry my stress in my neck.

I do have boundaries and know that there is only so much you can do for another person, that it is their problem and theirs alone to fix but these people I am extremely close to.  To see their pain and suffering has affected me.

I think you can have healthy boundaries and still absorb pain for others.  It just matters if I let this pain take me down, which I will not let it.  I just wish there were something that I could do to ease their burden.

I guess all I can do is be there for them to vent and trust me to let their emotions out.  I’m good for that, plus I can send up some prayers.  I will keep their privacy and respect their need to let it out.


God gives each of us our own baggage to carry.  Sure, you can help someone out and lighten their load but to carry their entire baggage is to rob them of the opportunity to overcome their own obstacles.  Help out but don’t become an enabler.  We were all meant to carry our own load and help others when in need.




2 thoughts on “Troubled Waters…..

  1. Casting your cares on the Lord, works so much better than trying to carry them. “Throw your burden upon the LORD, and he will sustain you. He will never allow the godly to be upended.” (Psalm 55:22)

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