Writing Challenge ~ Day 5: If you could start your life over….

Day 5.  If you could start your life over, what three things would you change?

  1. I would want to be in a tighter knit family.  I’m one of 12 kids and it made it harder to connect with my older siblings, especially my brothers.  I would want my elders to explain things better to me; life things.  I’d prefer not to be left to my own devices but rather to have someone guide me and make me feel special.
  2. I would have taken voice lessons and learned to play an instrument.  I played the cello for a few years but took it for granted at a young age and when I broke my arm, I quit.  My mom was so disappointed at the time, and I was so relieved.  These days I regret not having that awesome talent.
  3. Basically, I wish I would have known myself better; had more wisdom at a younger age and not have to learn so many of life lessons the hard way.  It’s been a long slow process of “growing up” – I think I’m finally there or getting close to where I feel comfortable in my own skin and and standing firmly on both my feet, on my own.  I just wish this could have been me in my 20’s rather than in my 40’s.  Hey, at least I evolved at all, right?  Right.




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