Writing Challenge ~ Day 4: Dying

Day 4.  What scares you the most about dying?

I believe in everlasting life with Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior after death.  I believe I will be reunited with those loved ones that have gone before me.

I’m not scared to die.  I’m more sad about it.  I would miss my family and friends so much but know I’d meet up with them again one day.  I am so grateful for all of my blessings and this blessed life I am able to lead.  I love my family and friends so much and am thankful to have such a great life.

I know there will be no pain and no anxiety involved.  I know I will just fall into the loving arms of my Father.  I do, however want to live until I’m well into my 90’s.  I love life and don’t want to be pulled from it too soon.  This I pray in his name.





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