Writing Challenge ~ Day 3: Strange Dreams

Day 3.  What are the three strangest or most inappropriate sex dreams you’ve ever had?

Wow, ok- I’ll spare you my sex dreams, LOL – what a loaded question!

  1. When I was little I had a dream that there was a wicked witch at my house and she was trying to offer my mom and apple, insisting that my mother take a bite.  I was so overprotective and upset.  I remember attacking the witch in my dream.  I can recall this dream so vividly.  It upset me back in the day.
  2. Recently had a dream about God.  Let’s just say that I was under the worst possible conditions because the devil was trying to keep me AND torture me but I wasn’t scared in my dream at all because I knew God was on my side and so much more powerful.  A to the Men!
  3. I have re-occurring dreams a lot.  One of them is that I am back in high school and I do not have my locker combo, I do not remember which classes I’m supposed to be in or which order they are in because I was never given my class schedule.  It’s always a sucky dream.




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