Writing Challenge ~ Day 2: $10 Million Bucks?

Day 2.  What would you do with $10 million?


First of all, I’d pay off my mortgage and cars, LOL.  I’d quit my job and my husband and I would take a much needed vacation.  I’d be sure that everyone that I loved and cared for were taken care of in some extremely special way.  Of course my family and mother first.

I’d lose my home number, I’d have that changed right away.  Then I’d buy a private little community of gated homes and move in all of my favorite people into our new neighborhood.  It will be somewhere tropical on the water.  This is the part where it would be sooooooooooooooooo freaking cool because I have so many people close to me that are talented; they can cook, are amazingly artistic, one can organize outings (Heather); we would have a gated community of EXCELLENCE.  Every night would be a community event 🙂

I love to dream of ALL the foundations I could get involved with and start.  I’d have so much time to for things I’m passionate about, I’d be able to make a huge difference. Veterans without medical care or homes, feeding the hungry children, animal cruelty issues and animal adoptions and more.

I’d finally have time to spend doing the things I love; like drawing, painting, crafting, and creating.  I’d be able to relax and not worry about bills.  I’d be able to travel with my husband which in and of itself is pure excitement.




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