Writing Challenge ~ Day 17: Scary!

Day 17.  Things that make you scared.

1).  Alligators.  While I love learning about them and watching them on the nature channel – they terrify me at the same time.

2).  Ocean life.  I love to sit at the beach and feel the sun but I’m not getting into the water where there are sharks.

3).  Fear of something happening to one of my family members.  I pray for their safety daily.

4).  Ghosts.  I work at a hospital and am told they are everywhere.  I have not had any “run-ins” and I prefer to keep it that way.

5).  Pumpkin Pie.  Looks like a baby’s dirty diaper.  No, not coming near me.

6).  Clipping my dogs nails.  I’m afraid I’ll hit the quick.



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