Writing Challenge ~ Day 5: Irritation(s)

Day 5.  5 things that irritate you about the opposite sex/same sex:

I am female, what irritates me about females:

  1.  When they are catty and backstabbing for no apparent reason, other than just to be a bitch.
  2. When they knock other women down to make themselves feel better.
  3. When they turbo load on the perfume.
  4. OMG, the DRAMA!  Get over yourself!
  5. When a man is in the room and they start to fall all over themselves for his attention; it’s obvious and you look desperate.

What irritates me about males:

  1.  When they stare creepily; almost like they want to eat you alive.
  2. .
  3. .
  4. .
  5. .

As you can see, not much bothers me about the male version.  I usually get along better with the guys for obvious reasons me thinks.

Here’s the list I’m working off of if you care to join in:





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