Writing Challenge ~ Day 2: Change?

Day 2.  How have you changed in the past two years?

Physically I have lost 30+ lbs by cutting back on my food intake and also by implementing Whole30 into my lifestyle.  Mentally and emotionally I have grown by leaps and bounds.  I had a nervous break down a few years ago and wound up hospitalized for clinical depression and acute anxiety.  I was at my all time low.  I don’t know how but by the Grace of God I was spared, not only that but flourished.  It was as if all the good advice I had received over the years; whether it be from a therapist, psychiatrist, friend, or family member – – – had all just “clicked” at once and set inside me.  I grew from there.

I now focus on what is important in life, the main deal ~ my family.  Everything else takes a back seat.  I no longer search for approval from ANYONE.  Nobody, nada, zero, zilch.  I come from a rich strong core and navigate my way from there.  I accept myself for who I am; flaws and all.  I embrace my flaws and try to work on them, I’m constantly growing and evolving.  I accept that I have depression, anxiety, PTSD, and OCD but they do NOT define me.  I am a constant work in progress and have made major tracks in the past two years.  I don’t see myself ever going back to that dark place where I once was.  I think that was my low point.

THIS is the list that I’m working off of, if you wish to join in ~ please do!




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