Writing/Blogging Challenge Day 24 ~ Family Dynamic

Describe your family dynamic of your childhood vs. your family dynamic now.

Growing up in a large family (I have 6 sisters and 5 brothers; I am one of 12 kids and second to the youngest) the dynamic has changed a lot.  When I was younger I was “one of the babies” – one of the elite 3 youngest.  Not much was expected out of us and we were treated like children even when we were grown.  When I hit 18 or 19, or even got married at 21, I felt as though I didn’t have a voice ~ “Oh, that’s just Annebella – she’ll go along with whatever we tell her to do”.   It was frustrating because here I was a grown woman starting her own family with a baby but was still considered one of the babies of my family.

Fast forward to today.  None of the bigger personalities are very scary any longer.  I feel like they use to stomp around and get their way because everyone was afraid of them, because clearly they called the shots.  That is no longer the case these days.  We are all considered grown and there is peace and respect amongst the ranks.  It is a welcomed change for me.  I got tired of being treated like a little kid or that my opinion didn’t really matter.  My family has grown by leaps and bounds and I feel like we are finally in a good place.



Here is the list I am currently working off of if you care to join in the fun:



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