Writing/Blogging Challenge Day 22 ~ 5 Years? 10 Years? 15 Years?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  10 Years?  15 Years?

In 5 years I will be 51 years old.  I still see myself being married to my husband and best friend.  My oldest son will be 29 and my twins will be 25.  My DIL will be doing great work somewhere- she will most likely be in the child care field in some way.  My granddaughter will be 9 years old.  I imagine I will have another grandchild by then (God willing) and my favorite thing will be being a grandmother still.  I imagine me and my oldest grandchild will be best friends as we are now, buddies; doing everything from shopping, baking, cooking, taking girl trips, and telling stories together.  I will still be working outside of the home to help support my husbands race car habits (LOL) and I will gladly do it.  Other things will have slowed down and I imagine my husband and I will be spending more time together maybe even taking some really cool trips.  I think we will have moved into a town home by this time as our house is too big to suit our needs.  We don’t need a 4 bedroom house by this time and the maintenance on a town home seems more indicative of what we need.  I’d LOVE to think we moved out of state to a warmer climate.  Illinois is just a crappy state to live in and I wish we could move to Florida but that would only be possible if the rest of my family would also pack up and move with us because I’d die if I couldn’t see them everyday.  I will have my arts & crafts room cleaned and my home more organized and be able to enjoy my hobbies for a change.  I will make more time for my hobbies.

In 10 years I will be 56 years old.  My kids will be 34 and 30 years old.  My lovely DIL will be 33 and she will still be a huge part of my life.  I love her with all my heart.  My beautiful granddaughter will be 14 years old and I know we will enjoy each others company just as much as we do now.  I hope to have many grandchildren by this time in my life.  I see my son Zachary being settled down and doing well in the auto industry and my daughter Alexis happily dating someone as well.  I say this because she is fiercely independent and I just know she will not be tied down to anyone.  We will be living in sunny Florida enjoying our days off from work at the beach or doing some outdoor activity.  Life will be easier and we will enjoy our days together.  We will both still be working outside the home which stinks but is part of life.  We will have an awesome RV and be doing awesome travels together.  My joy will be spending time with my kids and my grandchildren.  I’m in great shape and love to do outdoor activities with my family.  I will enjoy long walks and hiking as well as bike riding.  It’s very sad for me to think that Cozmo and Bella might not be with us anymore 😦   Hard to conceive of a life without them but we will have a pet of some type, most likely a cat.  My mother will have most likely passed on and that will be hard for me to live with.  My mom is the best person I know and I will be missing her and my father everyday.  This is a SAD post.  Honestly, it’s hard to think of good things in 10 years when you know there is the inevitable bad that goes along with it.  I hope Scott and I are both in good health and enjoying life to the fullest.

In 15 years I will be 61 and my kids will be 39 and 35 years old.  My DIL will be 38 years old and my granddaughter will be 19 years old!  My oldest and his wife will be happy together and raising a 19 year old daughter along with what I hope are a few more kiddos.  I pray for them and hope they are happily together.  Zachary will be happily married with a few kiddos of his own and I will love his wife just the way I love my first son’s wife.  Our family will have expanded tremendously as my daughter will be happily married too (hopefully with some children of her own).  Scott and I will be retired or nearly so.  We will live in Florida or some southern state where the climate is warmer and the days are nicer.  We will both be more relaxed and less worried as we grow older together.  I imagine I’ll be working part-time and my husband will be working full time until it’s time to retire.  When we do, we will live the simple life- having less “stuff” and more family.  I pray to God that all of my family is happy and healthy, that’s all I really want.



Here is the list I’m working off of in case you’d like to join in:




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