Writing/Blogging Challenge Day 20 ~ Childhood memories

Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood.

  • Playing “Cops and Robbers”, “Kick-The-Can”, “Ghost-In-The-Graveyard”, and more with ALL of the neighborhood kids in the spring, summer, and autumn. We would run around the neighborhood until all hours on the weekend and even though I was little my older siblings let me play along too.  One time, they kicked me out of the game and I was pissed off.  I went inside and to my room where I proceeded to color a picture in my closet. on the wall.  Man, did I ever get into trouble for doing that.  I often wonder if that picture is still there on that wall in the old house where I grew up.


  • Shoe shopping with my mom when I was just a little girl and I spotted a tower of boots on display. There they were, the boots of my dreams – blue suede (plastic) cowgirl boots.  My mom let me get them!!!!  Evidently I wore them 24/7 and even slept with them on.  I flat out refused to take them off which resulted in them sticking to my legs – my mom had to peel them off of my legs and feet.  I don’t remember the last part (probably traumatic) but I do remember those blue suede cowgirl boots and I loved them so much!
  • Playing the cello and how happy it made my mom. My younger sister played the violin and my mother played the organ- we would all play together.  I had to quit because I fractured my right arm in two places when I fell off my niece’s bicycle; I had a full arm cast on.  I was so happy to be done with playing that cello but my mom was disappointed.  To me, it was the “perfect excuse” to stop playing but now I regret it as an adult and miss playing.


Here is the list I’m working off of for this writing/blogging challenge if you would like to participate:



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