Wedgie Brain

Have you ever had so much on your mind that it feels like a pair of bunched up undies up there?  It’s like I have a permanent wedgie in my brain.  Ouch!  Yeah, that’s how I’m feeling.  I feel also like my hormones have gone wild and are whizzing around my body like a free-for-all.  I do not like this feeling.

It takes A LOT to upset me and I think it only happens when someone is outright mean.  Mean spirited.  That pissed me off to no end.  This has happened to me the day before yesterday and it’s still sitting in my craw.  It’s like I cannot let it go and yet I know holding on is the wrong thing to do.  FORGIVENESS.  I preach that all the time and it’s hard for myself at times.  The darkness creeps in and I want to hold on for a while.  No, I must let it go.  Even though this person was rude to me, I have to be the bigger person.

Was there any validity in her rant toward me?  Perhaps a nugget of truth but sometimes it’s all in the delivery.  Sending me a shitty text cutting me down was not the right way to go about it.  It only served to hurt me and make me mad.  My daughter pointed out that even though she was rude and the texting was uncalled for ~ to try to see her message for what it is and not to take it personally.

Really?  Really.  Ok, so I’ll cut through the crap and see it for the brief message that it was really about.  Can I work harder?  Yes.  Can I try harder to follow through on my commitments?  Yes.  Can I forgive the way she spoke to me?  Yes.  Can I still think it’s shitty?  Yes.  Can’t I?  Oh please, can’t I just hold on to this for a little longer?  LOL.


Wedgie Brain,



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